The last member to join Hobart Cat Cafe, Lettuce came to us from RSPCA and proved to be quite elusive in the early

days, always preferring nap time over play time. We've come to learn that Lettie is a quintessential night owl, always hamming it up for the cameras after hours and lazing away the days. Thought to be a mix between a Russian Blue and a domestic long hair (and faithfully identified by some members of the American Nebelung Association), Lettie has a quiet and gentle personality, contrasted by dramatically flowing hair and glowing green "bedroom eyes". When she's not busy re-enacting a Pantene commercial in front of the air conditioner, Lettie loves to flirt with our visitors and roll around sweetly with her belly in the air. She often likes to literally "put herself on a pedestal" right up at patting level with her chosen human and uses her enchanting gaze to draw you in. She'll let you know just how great your petting is by drooling all over the place and giving you an ecstatic little nibble. We would advise visitors to approach Lettie slowly and quietly, as she's a sensitive girl and likes to take time to get to know people.

Lettuce's physical appearance can best be summed up in just one word: majestic. With her luxurious ruff and super long tail, she gives the impression of a mythical winter hunter. When she's especially fired up, Lettie can often be seen bobbing her head about like a curious owl or thrashing it about in a wild death shake and can seemingly rotate it to exorcist levels, to the great amusement of our visitors. She loves to pounce on toys under the rug, much like an arctic fox and especially enjoys spinning about in dizzying circles after her little red fishy. An absolute freak for nibbling on tassles and necklaces, Lettie also enjoys trying to pick things up in her agile paws. Despite the obvious awesomeness of her title (and excellent correlation between name and eye colour - think the iceberg variety) we can't take full credit for it! Known as "Lettie" during her shelter days, her handle became a common vegetable through a simple text message and thanks to the wonderment and complete randomness of auto correct, the rest is history. 

Personality type: Wild Enchantress / Night Owl

Nickname:  "Lettie", or pronounced Italian style: "Le-too-chay"

Preferred Food: Hills Urinary Support

Pet Peeves:

Pats on the head

Sneak attacks from Dusty

Firm Faves:

Chin scratches and belly rubs

Hunting on the cat wall

Revenge attacking Dusty

Position of Choice: Somewhere up high

Preferred Toy: Any red toy, but especially the fishing rod

Profile: Lettuce

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