Loud and proud, Pippi was our very first cat cafe baby and was adopted from Hobart RSPCA in late 2015. With the

most authoritative meow out of all our kitties, Pip demands to be played with and can often be seen toting her

favourite pipe cleaner around and calling out for a playmate at the top of her lungs. Occasionally she'll bat it around

for hours and after finally "catching" her prey, attempts to present it to someone as a gift. When she's not busy losing her pipe cleaner under the furniture, Pippi specialises in rolling around on the rug and wrapping herself up like a tasty cat "purrito" while she rips the seagrass to shreds. As second in command, Pip likes to maintain her own personal space

from the other cats and feels quite peeved if forced to share her rug tortilla with anyone else (especially Oreo).

While very similar in appearance to Oreo, Pippi can be distinguished by her all-black face and long white stockings on her back legs, which landed her with the moniker "Pippi Longstocking". With beautiful dark jade green eyes and an ever present tuxedo, Pip is always dressed to impress and ready to party. Her other notable feature is an odd body shape, due to giving birth to a large litter of kittens as a youngster. Equipped with stunted legs and tail, Pip's appearance can be best likened to a sausage dog or munchkin.

Pippi's happy place is either in a pot plant or rolling around in the corner of the Cat Lock. Her obsession with the "rolling corner" is the stuff of legend and she spends a large portion of the day attempting to reach it, making her the biggest escape artist at Hobart Cat Cafe. She's also quite partial to a bunch of catnip and will happily trip out all afternoon if given half the chance. Her other hobbies include sitting wherever Oreo wants to be, stealing the office chair at every opportunity, munting up the laptop by sitting on it and spinning around the rope poles like some deranged exotic dancer. As second in command of the Cat Room, Pippi's natural enemy is our boss, Ms. Daisy, who she chooses to avoid at all costs to maintain the peace. Pips is a fun and rambunctious member of our group and sure to lend a few laughs to your visit.

Profile: Pippi

Personality type: Phytophile / Houdini

Nickname:  "Pip", "Pippi Longstocking"

Preferred Food: Hills Adult Optimal

Pet Peeves:


Losing her pipe cleaner

Being stalked by Oreo or Dusty

Firm Faves:


Bunny kicks on the rug

Having her whiskers combed

Butt scratches

Feasting on cat grass

Position of Choice: Rug burrito, Cat lock corner, near the pot plants or loitering next to the door

Preferred Toy: Pipe cleaners (must be mouse shaped)

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