Our second Cat Cafe Adoptee, Tiger Lily shared a cage with Pippi at RSPCA and the two were such good mates that we couldn't bear to separate them. Years later, they're still steadfast senpais and can often be seen cleaning each others faces and being heart breakingly cute together. Thought to be a kitten back then, Tiger Lily hasn't grown much since we adopted her and still gets up to all kinds of kittenish antics. An absolute fiend for a laser pointer, Tiger is the kind of cat who will chase anything that moves, be it a red dot, ball, string line, reflection, shadow - even her own tail is fair game. Built like a tiny little princess, Tiger always looks supremely composed and statuesque and likes to sit with her tiny paws perfectly poised and her stripey raccoon tail gracefully draped around her like a fine stole. Tiger's hobbies include looking pretty, exerting her authority over Pablo, sitting on the computer and retrieving toys from the cat wall. A very cuddly girl, Tiger loves to snuggle up for a lap sit with just about anyone and enjoys curling herself up into a tiny ball of purry loveliness with her chosen human.

As one of the more sociable members of our group, Tiger is usually the first to initiate contact and often tries every single lap in the room before settling on a winner for her affections. Once she's made this very important decision, you can expect to be tenderised for a few minutes until she's ready to settle down. Despite her obvious capacity for human affection, if anyone is having a play, she'll more than likely love you and leave you in favour of a good bit of hijinx. Extremely energetic, Tiger can go from sleeping to fanging up the cat wall in less than a second and can sometimes be seen jumping like Kitten Kong from tower to tower, or from the rope pole to the wall with unfailing strength and grace. All that can go out the window, however, as she's also prone to the odd unladylike meltdown if anyone should try to hijack her game or her rug. Tiger is an ideal playmate for little people and likes to keep visitors entertained with her constant tantrums and cuteness.

Personality type: Princess / Pocket Rocket

Nickname:  "Tiger" or "Lil"

Preferred Food: Royal Canin Neutered Young Female

Pet Peeves:


Sharing HER rug

Being removed from the laptop keyboard

Firm Faves:

The red dot

Going mental on the rope poles

Playing fetch on the wall

Position of Choice: Welcoming committee on the front desk

Preferred Toy: ANYTHING

Profile: Tiger Lily

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